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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-05-11 09:48:34
Subject: Update

Happy Mother's Day! Today Mark, John, Rolman, and David are finishing up on putting a roof on an elderly grandmother's home.  She takes care of her 4 grandchildren by herself.  Mark and the boys are joining up with New Life Ministries (our friends Dave and Leslie) to do this project.  New Life Ministries helps widows and orphans by feeding them and meeting practical needs.  This lady lives in a community where there is no electricity or running water.  Her mud home is about 20x12.  They took down the old thatch roof and are putting on a tin roof.  So the carpenters are measuring and cutting rafters, Mark hands up the tin, and John and Rolman put the tin on.  I am sure it is good I am not there to see John up on the roof!  They started yesterday and hope to finish early today.   On Friday we took the older boys that we school and our children to a water park in Tegucigalpa as a reward for finishing school goals.  We were there the entire time it was open!   Needless to say we are all a little red!   When we got to the park, we were the only people.  The facility did not turn the water on the slides.  We asked that they turn it on so that the kids could play.  After a little confrontation with the workers they said no.  I asked to speak to the owner.  They sent me to the foreman.  He also said no, and then sent me to the owner.  I shared with him our dilemna; we have driven 2 hours to get here, you said on the phone you were open, etc.  Now where is the water?  He told me how they could not pay the electricity for the park so he couldn't turn the pumps on in all the places to have water, also they might not have enough water for the day.  Well, after a while he conceded to turn the water on wherever they saw our children go.  Not so great, because we have big and little and maybe everyone wouldn't want to be in the same place.  I noticed that the kids, no matter what, were going to have a good time, so I went back to sit in the water!  Eventually a few more people came and they turned on more water for the slides.  They said at 3pm they would turn on the wave pool, so about that time we all grabbed the tubes and got in!  Everyone had a great day.  It was wonderful to have a day of just playing and relaxing, once I got over my stuff!  It is true that many businesses here to not have the capital to run them properly.  This is a nice size water park and you really never see anyone there.  The cost is prohibitive to most here.   Eli, Reynaldo, and Arnol are on the home stretch of their school.  It will be over the beginning of June (North American schedule).  We will continue on through June.  Hannah will be leaving for the states and then on to China towards the end of July.  We are all looking forward to a school break.  Rolman, David, Gerardo, and Fernando have really given it an all out effort to get caught up.  We are proud of them all.  They never complain, but work towards completing their goals.  We are thankful for the PACES that allow us to be able to work with them at home.  We say thank you God for that provision here in Honduras.  
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