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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-21 18:19:41
Subject: Drivers Licenses

      You can tell when Honduran traffic police receive an order from on high. Every policeman will ask you for the item of the month. Last week Paula took the children to a swimming class. The policeman asked her for the normal license and registration. He looked it over and saw that she did not have a Honduran driver's license, only a Texas license. He told her that she did not have permission to drive in Honduras (she did not know it pertained to her license, only that she did not have permission). Another officer came and told her she needed to be deported (something about Americans not wanting Hondurans in their country and Hondurans should deport Americans in not so polite of terms).       Anyway, I too was pulled over today while taking Carlitos for a medical exam. Again, I was asked for a license and when he saw that I had a Texas license, he asked how long I've lived in Honduras. I told him two years. He told me that I needed to get a license from Honduras. I was trying to bite my lip because I was mentally prepared for this confrontation after Paula received the same lecture days before but did not know it was about a license. Of course, rather than make waves, I simply asked where I could get a license and if I needed anything else besides a license. He repeated to me several times the fine for driving without a license. Then he told me I could get a license in Comayagua and I needed nothing else...for now.       So, Paula and I are going to Comayagua tomorrow to get a driver's license. We will need to cancel school for the day because it could (and probably will) take that long. The policeman mentioned something about a physical exam, so we will need to go to the doctor after the licensing agency tells us what to do. The other problem is finding the licensing agency, but we'll cross that bridge tomorrow. Normally getting some place new is a process of asking strangers on the curb where something is. 2 out of 3 times they'll give you instructions you can understand and are correct.        We wouldn't want life to get to boring, now would we? :-)

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