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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-23 20:16:10
Subject: re: Drivers Licenses Continued

Mike,      You need to know more of the story before you nominate any saints. We left. I did not speak. Paula knew that I was boiling inside. All that I could say to her and the children was, "I am sorry for completely wasting our time today". She tried to convince me that it was not a waste and that we got time with each other. It took me about 40 miles of open highway before I was willing to speak, but I had to change the subject.       Part of me cannot wait until I get pulled over by a policeman whom asks for my license. In my mind I have the speech all worked out (basically how this country cannot run a computer, a network or an office), but it will come out something like this: "I am sorry. I tried to get a license but there were complications. I will do my best to get the license as soon as possible. I understand that you want to deport me and I am fine with that. If you need to confiscate my car, here are the keys."       The latter sentence I have conveyed to the fine officers a couple times already for other reasons. Thanks for reading. -Mark

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