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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-05-30 10:07:00
Subject: Friday May 30, 2008

      Texans don't be jealous, it is almost cold here. Right now it gets to the high 60's at night and warms up to the high 70's in the afternoon. Hondurans recognize two seasons: Summer and Winter. Summer is what they call their dry season here, which is really from around February to late May. The rest of the year is Winter. Now, it will get hot and muggy on the occasions when it rains in the morning and the sun comes out, but it probably won't cross 85 degrees where we live until next year. I am wondering how we are going to survive August in Texas where 100 degrees is a daily event.       Right now we are enjoying the first fruits of our garden that we planted over a month ago. We are picking zucchini and green beans daily. We have so much that we began selling them around the neighborhood. The people appreciate the fact that we sell zucchini before it becomes gourd sized and hard (normally that's how it is done at the market to increase profits). The boys take the veggies after work in a wheelbarrow and sell, sell, sell. They keep half of what they receive. I am thinking about doing this with ground pork too since we have an ice chest. People come to our door to buy meat as it is, but only the closest neighbors. With a team of traveling salesmen (the boys, John included), we have enough business in our neighborhood to take care of the food we produce. Our garden is roughly 1500 square feet, about the size of our first home.      We are also eating veggies like crazy. Paula and Hannah are on a zucchini cooking marathon: stuffed zucchini, zucchini bread, zucchini brownies, zucchini muffins and more. Ada puts zucchini in our soups. The work crew buys zucchini for their families. Something strange that they make in Honduras that I have not been able to get use to yet; they scramble eggs with green beans in them. Then they make burritos with the mix. I guess they are able to get their kids to eat veggies that way, but I cringe about the eggs used to make that stuff. The boys like it though.      God is good. We are thankful for the blessings of fresh food. It's funny, we put chicken manure in the ground along with some seeds and a lot of sweat. So it's as if the chickens are flying to our table and serving us dinner.

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