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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-06-07 16:32:50

Timmy says, "Mom, there are more bugs here!"  He shares my extreme dislike of crawling creatures in the insect and rodent family.  Well today we are taking back our territory.  I am empyting out everything in the house, getting rid of all cardboard(seems to harbor things) and spraying to kill.  I have been nesting lately, so this will be fun!  The kids emptied everything out for me, they are all leaving for a bit, Mark is gone with the older guys, there is youth tonight, so the coast is clear for some serious house cleaning.  I have lived with the creatures long enough!   I have been "nesting" lately.  I always wonder what is around the corner when I begin this process, because it seems when I begin nesting the Father starts talking to me about change.  My prayer is that this nesting will lead way to being able to see the next house taking shape, and that I am cleaning out for a short move across the yard.  But I will be content with whatever He shows me.   I know that part of it is getting ready for our trip to the states, my 4 wrapping up school, planning for the next school season, and seeing what God has in store in regards to the schooling of the boys.  Mark really wants to not have to send them back to collegio (jr. high and high school) here.  We are not at all pleased with the education there that we have seen, nor the behaviour.  But to do that level here we have to have a Honduran teacher or director that can navigate the daily changing educational laws here.  Amazing, so many laws, but not a good education.  When I talk to educated Hondurans they also bemoan the educational system here.  I am praying for a revolution in this area.  Truly, a totally full out change.  These kids deserve better.  This also leads me to repent on behalf of this nation for the sins of the past.   Father, help us to see the value in a child, a person, a life.  Forgive the nation of Honduras for years of child sacrifice, sexual abuse, and promiscuity.  Forgive the nation of Honduras for not believing in you, but turning to false gods and idols.  Forgive this nation for not turning to you wholeheartedly when truth was revealed.  Clean the hearts.  Come Father and heal our land.  We say we have not always obeyed you, we say we have sinned.  I ask forgiveness for not being bold when you have called me to be bold. Please do not pass the sin of the forefathers here on to the children.  I pray for the children that suffer because of bad choices and blatant sin.  Give us the tools and wisdom to help these children Father.  I ask for provision and favor for a school and for workers and the funds to be able to train and raise up parents that care, parents that walk in truth.  Father I ask for the provision for a rec center in our city.  A safe place where your light shines and where creativity can blossom.  Bring us together with one heart, to honor and serve you and to proclaim your goodness in the land of the living.  Only you are God, only you can heal our hearts and care for our souls.  I love you Father, Amen.   Paula

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