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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-06-17 21:19:05
Subject: Tuesday June 17, 2008

It's been awhile since a journal of mine was posted. I've tried a couple times recently, but my journal just did not show up. It's hard to find good programmers these days. Today we took the daily veggie harvest through the neighborhood for sale. We've resigned to just basically charging the wholesale price (5 cents per cucumber, 10 for zucchini) because we have so many (about 100 cucumbers daily) that we have to move them fast. It is not uncommon for a woman to buy 20 at a time for her house and the kids here eat them like fruit. We also have zucchini but that harvest has past its peak. Basically we load up the wheelbarrow and walk door to door yelling "Pepino, zapayo" (cucumber, zucchini). We are training the boys what it means to see something to completion in all this. The first few days we were harvesting lots of produce, but few of them wanted to go sell. So this week their (the boys and our children) allowances will be completely funded by produce sales. By the way, weekly allowances here range from $1.80 (35 Lempiras) to $5.50 (100 Lempiras) depending on age and past performance. We are also encouraging everyone to save because the tendency otherwise is to spend it as quickly as possible. Recently I've been taking on little computer jobs (as in $65 for 4 days work) to try and raise more funding the cost of not being to oversee the farm as much. But, we are trying to exemplify responsibility here by not asking for more donations. We never want the children here to believe it takes Americans to provide for them or that they can only ever find happiness in America. If the Lord wants others to help, it will be done. I am happy to be able to work a little in my old profession, even if it is for about $3/hour. We've been looking for someone to come and care for the boys for our seven week visit to the USA starting August 15. We were hoping for an American couple that had accepted our request, but they had to back out later on. We told Jose about it and he knew a couple of mature women. The first one could not take the job because she had a girl and did not think it wise to be with a house full of boys (go figure) :-). The other woman is a little older (around 50) and is a prophet. She will take the challenge. Jose said she prays from 11 PM to 6 AM every night. Doctors, businessmen and lawyers seek her out for prayer although she lives humbly (she is willing to work here for $155/month). I know it will be great to have a woman of strong faith here. I told Jose we did not need another cook nor another house cleaner. We needed a woman that will care (as in have a heart for and talk to) the boys. The Lord heard our request. Dios lo bendiga (God bless you)

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