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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-07-20 10:41:05
Subject: Multiples and Factors

"The following does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of anyone at the children's home and probably no one in the world. It is purely meant as an expression of neurotic, nerdy half-baked semi-fiction."      You know, every once in a while someone might ask us why we picked Honduras as the country to serve in. It could be the fact that it is the second poorest country in our hemisphere. Could be the we like the climate. Could be we love beans. No, the main reason is mathematics. You see, I had a weak spot in my calculating mind for the number 19.      I really needed to work on the number 19 as it is not well covered in secondary school, nay in the university. You'd think a prime number like 19 would be the object of a lot more factoring, but it rarely is. In fact, for most people 19 is not one of the first numbers that pops into their heads when you ask them to name off prime numbers.      So, what does 19 have to do with Honduras? Quite simply, my dear Watson, 19 is the exchange rate. For every dollar you trade in Honduras you get 19 Honduran Lempiras. Actually, you get 18.875, sometimes 18.9; the banks like to profit on the money trade. If you want to buy back a dollar, you take 19 Lempiras to the bank and ask for a dollar. When you want to buy something at the store, you take the price and divide by 19 to determine how many dollars it costs. So when the cashier tells your purchase totals 2342 Lempiras, you can immediately hand her 123 dollars and 26 cents with a smug smile, demonstrating that your polished 19 calculating mind converts currencies like a veteran currency trader. After 30 months of multiplying or dividing by 19, we've become quite the 19 enthusiasts.      So now the question is, where should you serve in the world of missions. You should really ask yourself, what number do I need help with? For example, if you consistently miss math questions involving the number 107, you should move to Japan; where the Yen trades for 106.75 per dollar. If you have problems with 5, move to Norway. Head to Sweden if 6 is your number. And of course Thailand should be a popular spot with 33. Mexico is the easy route since the peso trades 10 to 1, but you probably won't be improving your math skills much (you get plenty of work on 10 in school).      Who knew the third world of missions would be such a mathematical summit?
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