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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-08-10 18:52:57
Subject: Poverty

      As a child I heard a lot about poverty, therefore I thought about it a lot. I thought about how to help. I thought about what it was like. I thought about what causes it. I thought about how to fix the problem. As a child, I thought like a child. I thought about how the world might fix poverty. I had materialistic solutions to what really is a spiritual problem.       If you really had to come up with one word, one mindset, one way of life that would overcome poverty, it would have to be Christianity. The obvious reasons for poverty are corruption, sexual immorality and environment; but they all can be overcome by Christianity. They can only be overcome by Christianity.       Yes, China is having an economic expansion without Christianity, but at what cost? Try breathing the air or drinking the water. Unfortunately China is headed for serious health crises. Cancer will reach historic levels if the Chinese continue to disregard the environment in an attempt to line their pockets.       I am not talking about the Christianity in name only. I am not talking about the so-called Christianity that tried to spread the Gospel in the Middle East by force back in the middle ages. I'm not talking about the Christianity that spreads fear through the airwaves by constantly predicting Christ's return (consistently in error). The Christianity that puts a little fishy symbol on a sales desk and proceeds to cheat clients out of everything a salesman can is not the Christianity needed. Christianity that sits someone in church every once in awhile without the slightest change of heart does not help.      I am talking about REAL Christianity. If countries like Honduras or Haiti ever want something better for their people, it will have to repent; it will have to embrace Jesus Christ en mass. Real Christians whom will not take a bribe against the innocent must be raised and elected to government. Christians must be trained to wait until marriage to have children and never leave their spouses or children. There is a standard. There are absolute, moral values that are good for the mental and physical health of adults and children. There is a god and He loves us enough to suffer a horrible death for us.      Christians in wealthier countries must abstain from buying products made by or services rendered by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration has another name: slavery. This form of slavery is, in some ways, worse than the type of slavery that was abolished in 1863. This form of slavery rips families apart in third world countries, which further increases poverty there. Illegal immigration will eventually destroy the countries that purchase and sell slaves. Slave traders today are called "coyotes".      It's time we started acting like Christians rather than simply calling ourselves Christians.
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re: Poverty  by Mike Jones on Monday August 11, 2008

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