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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-10-18 12:25:47
Subject: Donations and Support

Dear Brothers and Sisters,         It is unfortunate that I need to give this notice. It was relayed to me that a recent caretaker was soliciting support for this home. I need to say that there are only two authorized methods of sending support to us at "Hope Farm". The published method is found on this web site when you click the "Support" link. Lighthouse Missions is the covering organization that handles our finances in the USA.         If you attend our home church at Restoration Church in Euless, Texas, you can donate to the missions program and a portion of the donations come to us.         If you want to help the children here, please send your donations directly to either one of the above to organizations. Outside of that, no funds will be received to help the children of Honduras. Please do not give cash or otherwise give monies to an individual that is asking for funding on our behalf; chances are that the individual is fraudulently taking funds for his own purposes. If this ever changes, we will let you know.         Thank you so much for your help. Gerardo is undergoing dialysis and is living in the hospital until his blood pressure drops to an acceptable level. Thereafter, he will need to return to the hospital three times a week until he can receive a transplant. There is no national database here of transplant matches, so finding a transplant could be a lengthy process. We are going to start with his biological mother to see if she is a match. Until we have a transplant, we will be accumulating health related costs briskly. It was very difficult to see a previously healthy, happy, athletic boy lying in a bed with no energy and little life in his eyes. It is also difficult to be separated from him. He is at the closest hospital that has a dialysis machine, which is about 2.5 hours away. Best wishes,      Mark Colbath

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