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Entered By: Pat Brogdon
Entry Date: 2008-11-03 20:18:26
Subject: re: Weather/Update/New House

Dear Paula, Thank you for the update on your mission there.  I am very excited for your family about the new house.  I know it will be such a blessing for you.  I will pray for more funds and lots of help to forward this project on.  I am glad that Gerardo is doing as well as he is.  I will pray for his mother to be a match and to donate her kidney for her son.  I pray that God will bless her mightily for her love for her son.   I will continue to pray for Honduran government and that Chavez will be revealed as the infidel he is!  I pray that you all will remain safe and able to continue to minister there.   Love,  Pat

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