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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-11-04 15:56:49
Subject: Tuesday November 04, 2008

     Today we let go our oldest farm hand. We had hired him initially to be something of a foreman, with an emphasis on raising the pigs, but he never really took command.      Gerardo is not feeling well today. He has a port that connects him to the dialysis machine. The spot where the port enters his body is very tender and it seems that possibly he might have been bumped by one or more of the boys on occasion.      Walter is winding down on school. He should be done in a week or two. He wants to join the military and hopefully learn to repair aircraft.      In a bit I will be taking the van to hopefully be able to remove the wheel that seems to be rusted onto the axle. The lug nuts need to be heated up for expansion and hopefully they can be removed afterward. Several tire shops have attempted to remove the nuts with brute force.      We have pigs, a lot of pigs. Right now we are working on fattening up about 8-10 of them for the Christmas season. Thereafter, we have a lot more young ones. Speaking of, it's time to give some iron shots and clip teeth of the last couple litters.      Happy election day in America. I don't have a way to vote down here, but in the presidential election, I don't think it would have made a difference in Texas. Texas is a pretty solid conservative state without my help. The polls have Obama winning without a prayer for McCain. If that is the case, how long until the hoopla dies down for the DNC? 2012? 2016? I think a lot of people give up hope on politicians after awhile, maybe that's why deer hunting is so popular.

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