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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-11-15 22:19:45
Subject: Saturday Update

Hi, Everyone is settled down watching the Saturday night movie, so I thought I would take time to fill you in.   Hannah turned 15 this past Sunday!  She was very happy to receive a promise ring for her birthday.  She is committed to waiting until marriage to become sexually intimate.  We are so proud of her.  She has a heart after God and seeks to honor Him with her life.  Tonight we got to blow dry our hair together and have girl time.   Gerardo is getting more and more adapted to dialysis and the schedule and food.  He is working hard to do his school on the days he does not have dialysis.   He only had one extra rough morning this week where he was in pain and dizzy.  I just sat on the floor by his bed, rubbing his legs, and listening to Timmy do his reading assignment.  At one point I started crying and asked God, " God, how do we do this....comfort one in pain, school, cook dinner, etc?"  I felt like He replied, "Take it easy,  you have the whole day!"  Sometimes I think everything has to happen right in that moment, or I am frustrated because "my schedule" is interrupted.  He is so faithful and is always carrying us through.  Made me think of a song that Hannah put on my MP3 player for me, "Crawl".   It says, "If I had to crawl, well you'ld crawl too, I stumble and I fall, Carry me through, The wonder of it all, is, you, see me through."   Jose and Lourdis and their two daughters are taking a much needed VACATION.  They were so excited to be able to go to the beach together as a family, a first.  I am sure if you read our journals you know who Jose is.  He is Mark's right hand man, translator, information hunter, friend, prayer warrior, manager of the hardware store, and has a heart for this ministry and the boys.  While we were gone they stepped in and did so much.  Much of it was not easy and took them way out of their comfort zone.  Much of it included their name being slandered and their hearts being judged.  We are thankful that they both realize their identity is in Christ and not what man thinks.  Lourdis stepped in and gave constant care to Gerardo in the hospital, waking up at 4 am every morning to clean the Ronald McDonald house so she could stay there with him.  We are so blessed to have such honest, hard working, fellow laborers.   Thank you Father God.   Well, another unfruitful Immigration trip was made this week!  Faith and I went with a friend and we were lacking yet another paper and signature.  We have paid to have our residency for 4 years, but we still need to get the new card.  So we will need to make another trip next week.  We will do it on a dialysis day.  While we were in  Immigration I saw so many people getting angry about things there and I laughed and remembered a time when I was equally as angry in Immigration and let the room know that I thought there was "Mucho Corruption" going on!  My friend also reminded me of my outburst a few years ago.  I think Honduras has mellowed me a bit since then......we can hope! We are excited to have a couple coming to work with us beginning the middle of December and staying through the 9th of January.  It is a double blessing in that they will be able to house sit for another missionary couple while they are in the States.  This couple have been here before and have worked with Youth With A Mission.  We will be so happy to have their help.  I plan on plugging the lady in with Carlitos and Eli.  They will also help with dialysis transport.  They are willing to jump in and do whatever is needed.  They will be here with us during Christmas.   Mark's mom will be coming to visit after Christmas.   David and Rolman will be attending a Discipleship Training (YWAM-Youth with a Mission)with their youth pastors here in Siguatepeque.  It will begin on Wednesday and last about 2 1/2 weeks.  Part of the time will be discipleship and teaching, and then they will put it to use on the field.  Pray that this will be a significant time in their lives.  Pray that their hearts will be open to receive everything that God has for them.   Today I sewed new curtains for the doorways to the kid's rooms.  The rooms do not have doors.  I have meant to do this for a long time and had not taken the time.   We needed an extra set for when the ones hanging need to be washed.  I always enjoy doing something "homey".   I was also happy to go out to the storeroom and guest room to do some nesting.  I was so thankful to walk into newly painted bright rooms.  Thank you New Hampshire Team!  It really makes a difference.  And with some beautiful bedding that a friend from the states sent a while back, I have a new beautiful room for Judy, Mark's mom, to stay in.   This afternoon Mark and some of the kids went for a walk (to the pulperia).  Gerardo, Carlitos, and I were sitting in the living room taking a break.  Gerardo and I were talking with Carlitos....asking him where his eyes were, his nose, what his name was, and how old he was.  On the age thing he had a few things confused.   When we asked him how old he was, he said, "Toot".  We think he meant "two".  After about 10 minutes of Gerardo and I drilling him in English and Spanish, Carlitos now knows he is "FIVE,CINCO".   Carlitos is talking so much more and says funny things, one being, "Tia, I am funny!"   This week I was very thankful to be able to get together with my friends here in town.  This was my first time since I have been back to be able to see friends, share, and listen.  We continue to be burdened for our city and country here.  I am so thankful to have fellow missionary friends here.   The boys have worked so hard all week on pulling up stumps and cutting lena.  They are working to clear up all the storm mess.  Right now we look like a lumber yard!  They also are selling what they can of the lenia and rama.  So this week they were all able to make some money.   The girls are bagging up the sawdust and Mark pays them for it.  The sawdust is used in the chicken house and the rabbit houses.     This week we received new chickens.  They are egg chickens.  They were given by a Honduran chicken farmer in Comayagua that we met when the New Hampshire group was here.  He is a friend of one the team members that is from Honduras.   Jose bought our other chickens and he and Rolman built them a chicken house this week.  Hopefully these new chickens will increase our egg production.  We can use a lot of eggs!   We all thank you for caring and praying for us all here.   Daily we see that God hears our prayers and cares for us.  Not a day goes by that we are not able to see His grace and mercy displayed in some practical way.   The past few weeks have been some of our hardest ever here, yet as I type I realize how much I love what God is doing here.   In the past weeks I have had mean thoughts, felt it was all just too much, wanted to throw in the towel,  been afraid, questioned our calling and sanity, felt like no deserved anything, and questioned what is true christianity.  But I can not say that God has not been faithful.  He has been.  Things have been rough and disheartening.  But in it all I see  that when I pick up the Word and read, those that walked in that time walked a hard road also.   Sometimes my goal is just to coast by, take the easy way, walk a day with no problems.  That should never be my goal.  Every word written in His Word brings me life and encouragement  and I am thankful for a present, real God.  I am thankful that you pray for us.   Blessings to you and your family, Paula
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