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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2008-11-22 09:36:30
Subject: Chilly Weather and updates

Right now it is cold to us here!  Really it isn't below 50, but it is rainy, damp, muddy, and NO CENTRAL HEAT on these cement floors!  Thankful for floors though!   Yeah!  Faith and I finally have our renewed residency cards.  For both of us we are covered for 3 years now.  Thankful for that.  Mark, Hannah, John, and Timothy have another year.  The last time I was at Immigration (Monday), I met the neatest lady that just personified the gentle, faithful, spirit of Christ.  She has served here for 29 years, working with women coming from prostitution, alcohol, and drugs.  She has a rehab home that has turned into a children's home also.  She cares for the children of the ladies, who, unfortunatly, sometimes turn back to life on the streets.  They also school the children.  Their ministry gives the women a job- making bed and table linens.  I can't wait to go to their store sometime and see their handiwork.  Isn't it wonderful to hear of someone offering hope in all areas?! This next week I have appointments to take some of the children to see an American pediatrician that will be serving on a medical team here.   Mark's mom is going to come for Christmas!  She will fly in the wee early hours of Dec. 17th.  It will be fun to have her around for Christmas preparations.  We have always lived away from her, so neat to have her here.   I am ready to celebrate!  I still can't completely fathom that our Father God would send His Son in the form of an innocent, vulnerable, child.  That this child would be born of a completely human, humble woman.  And that He would grow up, living life on this earth, with the full knowledge that His life was to pay for mine.   I think of this kind of love, and pray for Gerardo's birth mother to understand even a part of this. Blessings to you and your family as you take time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Paula
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