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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2008-12-15 09:09:05
Subject: Chawbacon

As a teacher of English, among other things, it is my duty to expand vocabulary whenever possible. For this reason I subscribe to Merriam Webster's word of the day, which sends me a daily email. OF course, as you recall from grade school, it helps to learn a word by using it in a sentence. The most notable recent word is without a doubt, chawbacon. So rare is this word that my spelling checker just underlined it in red. So, just what is a chawbacon? Well, it is definitely not prelapsarian (today's word of the day) as Adam and Eve most likely did not enjoy bacon, nor did they have any local city dwellers to look down upon their primitive culinary habits. A chawbacon is really obsolete in America as many people within the city enjoy the crispy, salty slices of pork fried in a pan. I am pretty sure every one in our house is a chawbacon, based on our BLT consumption last night. We make bacon here. So now I know you're dieing to know what exactly a chawbacon is. Just what is the formal definition? Hah, I have you hooked and time to reel you in. OK, to paraphrase, a chawbacon is a term used by city slickers to describe someone from the country that enjoys salted pork. Back in the 19th century, the term was a bit more popular. Now that I've satiated your appetite for new vocabulary, I have a request. We do make bacon here and I could sell it for a nice profit, if only we had a decent slicer. Imagine all the donations that could be saved for a rainy day if we could perpetually peddle the peppered pork pudge for positive profits. The part of the pig that bacon comes from, the fat surrounding ribs and belly, is otherwise one of the cheapest parts of the pig. With a little salt, a little sugar, perhaps pepper, some time and smoke, you can triple the price of belly fat. So, if you happen to notice someone out there with a good meat slicer that he or she is not using, see about securing it for a Central American Chawbacon.

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