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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-01-01 21:16:26
Subject: Thursday January 01, 2009

     Once again our little "widow maker", self heating shower head, has shorted and is no longer functioning. That makes showers here positively frigorific. In the heat of the day, a cold shower is almost tolerable, but as the cool night air sets in we heat up a pot of water on the stove and use a cup to dispense the warm water.      At the moment I have a good deal of computer work at the expense of not overseeing crucial projects on the farm. The computer work is basically paying for the food we eat, not a lot more. It is, however, keeping us from going backwards. The economy could possibly be affecting some of the web sites we created for residual income as the advertising revenues have fallen roughly 80%.      My mother just finished her visit here and returned today, starting her journey at 2 AM in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and arriving in San Antonio, Texas at 3 PM. She braved the airline I call "Fly By Night" AKA Spirit Air. I think the whole company is run by a computer in someone's basement. The computer cancels flights when there are not enough passengers and emails you so that you know you have been moved to a different flight. We used Spirit in August last year for our visit to the States. Our flight schedule was re-scheduled only twice. We could not have afforded the trip outside Spirit, unless we drove our jalopy. A journey to Spirit's can be summarized by one word "cheap". The word cheap is used several times in the title of the home page and the page code uses the word cheap over a dozen times to get the point across to those searching for a discount trip. "Cheap" makes you feel real safe and secure flying over an ocean near Cuba. The entire philosophy of Spirit is "cheap". I'd bet dollars to donuts that "cheap" is littered throughout Spirit's mission statement. Incidentally, a dollar to doughnut bet is not all that spectacular now that a good doughnut costs a dollar; good doughnuts cost a dollar in Honduras anyway.      Our return home from the airport started at 1:30 AM. We were doing well until we started ascending the treacherous, pothole ridden mountain roads through fog. Our ascent was further encumbered when our low beam headlights failed. Driving through fog with high-beams on bumpy roads is a lot like shining a flashlight at a mirror while licking battery terminals. You can't see what you're doing, but it feels bad. I was looking out my window to make sure I wasn't straying over the yellow divider line, when it existed. Paula was looking out her window to make sure we weren't driving off the mountain. At least the excitement kept us awake. We arrived home safely at 3:30 AM. Matt and Kim were house/baby sitting for us, so they had our bed. I shared Timothy's twin bed and Paula shared with Faith. We were well rested after a three hour nap.      In case you hadn't noticed, we posted some Christmas photos on the web site. Click on the photos link above and then click on the latest date.

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