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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-01-09 23:19:28
Subject: Whew!

10pm and we are finally home from Teguc!   Today was dialysis, taking the Page's to the airport for their return home, and letting Walter get the things he needs for the Air Force.   Gerardo went in with a fever.  After dialysis they decided to keep him and, YEAH, change the port.  He has needed it changed for a while now due to infection.  So tonight they will take it out, and Monday they will put the new one in.  It was very hard to leave him there, he has a high fever, severe pain in his legs, high blood pressure, and was a bit delirious.  He was started on an IV with antibiotic.  I pray that the infection will be knocked out rapidly and that the new port surgery goes smoothly.  We still pray for the sight to be moved to his arm.   We are very thankful to have been protected on our drive home (Walter was with me).  Also thankful to Matt for getting our lights to work correctly.  We were in stand still traffic for over an hour coming out of the city due to a horrible wreck.  The vehicle was smashed as flat as a tortilla and the 18 wheeler lost its load all over the road.  Thank you Father for protecting us and that Walter was with me.  I would have been very fearful waiting in the dark alone.  The pulperias along that stretch did good business tonight!   Also a big thanks to Leslie for recommending a store in Teguc.!  We found almost everything Walter needed to go to the military.  They have to buy all their uniforms, bedding, a suit, shoes, special clothing, mattress, personal items, etc. before they get there.   Thankful to have found so much in one place.   Thank you for your continued prayers for Gerardo.  He needs them right now.  We pray that tonight as we are not with him he feels the love and touch of the Heavenly Father who never ever has to say good bye.  Thank you Father that you are always with us.  Thank you that Gerardo is under the shadow of your wing and that you have provided for him.  We bless the nurses that will care for him tonight and this weekend.  We pray wisdom and peace over them.  Amen, Paula

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