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Entered By: Trent Detamore
Entry Date: 2009-01-14 21:37:20
Subject: re: Faith

Happy new year, Mark! Not long ago, Leslie and I returned home to Texas from a joyous (and cold!) Christmas with family and friends in Indiana.  Keeping all things in their proper perspective, I didn't mind the cold.  With last year's economic woes, time with family and friends is not only free, but profitable in the bank account of life, where we get to realize and appreciate our blessings. Remember, Mark, "what you do is not who you are but Whose you are will greatly influence what you do."  Knowing who you are in your relationship with Jesus will solve at least 95% of the problems you will face in life.  You have to be before you can do anything of eternal significance.  Anything else is just another religion.  You are the child of a King and joint heir with Jesus.  That gives you all the dignity to you need to make it in life. Plus, you are one of my heroes.  You are all about pleasing our Heavenly Father which is the primary purpose for which we were created.  I am especially impressed that you do it through generational transfer (i.e., passing on the purposes and ways of God to future generations).  I can relate to that priority and that means. You already know all of these things but, hey, . . . I'm just a coach.  Good coaches never assume anything. For your best year ever in 2009, please accept my . . . Best wishes, Trent

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