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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-01-16 12:22:56
Subject: Friday January 16, 2009

     Believe it or not, there is a small Italian place near town. Well, it's owned by Italians, but the food is very much Honduran. It is interesting to see where the wealth of Honduras gravitates and this trattoria, Granja D'elia, seems to pull in the money. It is not overly extravagant, but it is pricier than the surrounding tourist traps. Recently, Matt and I spent a solid hour there waiting for a cargo truck to arrive. Matt was easy to speak with and I enjoyed our visit. One of my many foibles is simply not wanting to engage in conversations or difficult situations.      In a country where farming is overwhelmingly organic, pig farming on a large scale is dominated by conventional, cinder block housing. Our attempt to keep pigs outside is an audacious move. It will mark a welcome new epoch in our agricultural endeavors. Although Jose is not a farmer by trade, I think he is about ready to be impresario of this new venture. He has repeatedly demonstrated initiative and has the tools to complete jobs with little oversight.      Our young, debonair lad Walter is preparing for his entry to the air force academy on Monday. We are expecting about forty of Walter's friends to show up tomorrow, besides our own 15. It's a bit different in Honduras than America. If you offer an event with a free meal here, expect just about everyone to show. Our experience in America is that half the invitees accept the invitations and about half of those to show up.
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