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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-02-02 20:59:17
Subject: A Little Light Shed

      Recently a friend of ours with a much larger ministry spoke to Paula about a young man that gave his life to Christ. The man happened to be a policeman. It came about when the woman complained to the police about a gang of men that has repeatedly harassed, stolen from and threatened the lives of the women and children that live in their orphanage. They show up with guns, break things at her school and break into the homes in middle of the night.       When the police listened to the problems, they asked the ministry leaders if they wanted the police to torture or kill the assailants. The leaders told the police that they could not do that because they were Christians. During the conversation a man was impressed by the testimony and moral stand that these people were taking, even to their own detriment. He surrendered his heart and vowed to change.       Upon his acceptance of Christ, he had a major dilemma. How could he continue to be a policemen? He admitted that policemen do not receive the pay they are promised. They are forced to take bribes in order to survive. They also hire out their services to torture or kill people. How could he continue this? Please pray for the country of Honduras where corruption is implicitly encouraged and required. Be thankful for where you live and the Christian heritage of the good ol' USA! You, American Christians, are salt and light in a dark world. Your (our) country is blessed to have such strong moral roots.

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