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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-03-08 23:21:00
Subject: Farm Update

As usual things are busy on the farm!   The tilapia in our pond are getting much bigger.  They are fun to watch as they jump to the top to eat.  What is not fun is to see the huge heron like bird flying off with a load of them in his mouth!   One of our cows is about to give birth.  This is a Brahma first time momma.  Soon after our milk cow will deliver.   The secate (grass for animals to eat) is growing up and the cows love the new molasses that is being mixed in with their food.   The pigs that are now corraled outside seem to enjoy the roaming ability and take cover back in pig palace when it is raining (rarely now).  Recently another mother gave birth to beautiful pink velvety piglets.  They seem very strong and healthy.   The mora bushes are blooming and we look forward to fresh moras.  We have missed them.  In the market right now you can also find strawberries, which we have been using in our homemade yogurt.  The kids all love the yogurt.  Yogurt is something rather expensive here, so it is a blessing to use our yogurt machine sent by Janith.   We continue to have bananas, papayas, and minimos.  The fruit trees are being trimmed and sprayed now for the dry season.  Soon they will need to be watered to make it through the season.  We are thankful for the fresh fruit.   Lena continues to be made, stumps pulled up to make better pasture, and the yucca grows.  The yucca is a wonderful food for the pigs and we are blessed to be able to plant it in large quantities.   Baby chickies have been hatching in the incubator in our room. The count is up to ten.  Tonight I am moving them into the living room for a good night's rest for all! Blessings and thank you for your prayers and support, Paula
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