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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-04-24 11:20:38
Subject: Few Quick Updates

Prayer Requests: * Prayer for safety for the team traveling to Honduras today.  This team comes to help us through New Life Missions, they have given the money to build a home for a single mother and children and will complete the building while here.   * Prayer for guidance as Mark and Dave "stub" in the plumbing on our home today * Prayer for a kidney donor for Gerardo *  Prayer for protection over the home, farm, hardware store, and families that live and work with us.   *  Prayer for purity of heart for missionaries and strength in the battle   Just a few quick updates: Today Mark will be working to put in the plumbing before the foundation is poured in the next week or so.  This is certainly a new skill for Mark!  He has the guidance of our friend Dave Hill.  Thank you Dave!   We have over 25 new piglets right now.  It is a virtual pig plantation!  Mark will be grinding sausage sometime today (if he isn't buried in plumbing and cement).  The dogs have become pig herders.  It is hilarious.   Maybe I can get the kids to take some video for you to see.   Tomorrow, in addition to a team being here, we have a special day.  A family is coming to watch the home so Mark and I can have a date.  This couple, Carlos and Melissa, work with Youth With A Mission, and serve here in Siguatepeque.  They approached us with an offer to help us, and their first suggestion was to come and stay with all the kids so Mark and I could relax together somewhere.  Carlos and Melissa have 4 boys of their own.  They also work with youth here in our town.   We are thankful for this opportunity.   May 1st. we are going to participate in our first Honduran Baptismal Service.  We are so excited that several of the boys and Timothy had asked about baptism.  This was before the church announced the special service at the river.  We began talking about baptism, what it means, and why you would do it.  David, Reynaldo, Timothy, Gerardo, and Fernando want to follow Jesus in baptism.   We are very excited to have our home church coming to work with us.  Restoration Church from Euless, Texas will be here July 4-10th.  They hope to work on home construction.   Everyone is getting spring fever (we would call it, but here it is summer!).   Reynaldo and Arnol finish the school year the end of May.  Hannah, John, Faith, Timothy, Fernando, and Gerardo will finish in July.  Fernando and Gerardo are working hard to get completely caught up in PACES.  When this happens, both will be ready to start collegio in February.  We will start back in September.  Gerardo will possibly go on weekends, as Rolman and Antonio do, so that he can continue school while doing dialysis.  This will be a huge commitment for him.  I know Fernando will be happy to return to Honduran school!  I pray that the peer challenges he will face he will be ready to conquer. Rolman has a new job!  He has been hired by the contractor working on building our house.  He works hard all week and still attends collegio on the weekends.  We miss his effort on the farm, but it is an excellent opportunity for him to learn a lot about building and to make some money to save up for the future.   In our time here in Honduras we met a special young lady, Joy.  She served in Comayagua at a ministry school.  She since has moved to the states and married.  I think she is doing something so neat.  She and her husband had it in their heart to sponsor a Masquerade Ball that in turn sponsors the work here at Hope Farm.  I pray that their efforts are a joy for them and that they will be blessed.  I know organizing things is never easy and requires a lot of time and energy.  I also pray that this experience inspires people and opens their hearts to think of creative ways to help others.  I love the creative heart of God.   Thank you for caring about us here, Blessings to you, Paula

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