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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-04-27 22:40:06
Subject: Monday April 27, 2009

   I am very thankful for and pround of the boys and my own children. This evening a truckload of cinder blocks arrived to unload at 7 PM. Obviously, there are no workers here at that time. John, Faith and the boys are highly intuitive when it comes to getting a job done. When the truck was being unloaded slowly, a boy would jump up and start scooting blocks to the stackers. When the stackers slowed down, someone would jump down and help there. There were 1104 blocks in all. The truck driver does not unload. Barely a word was spoken. I think we unloaded the blocks in about 30 minutes once the truck got situated.    I have not been journaling much as we've been a bit more busy than usual. This past weekend, Dave Hill and I installed the internal plumbing for the new house. It was very interesting as home construction is completely new to me. I've been watching as the construction crew has dug out and built up footers that are up to 30 inches deep, reaching down to very solid rock. It's been two and a half weeks since they started. About eight men average have almost gotten the foundation ready to pour cement. I cannot complain about their efficiency. It honestly looks like tomorrow will be the last day before the big pour, which usually involves about 40 men mixing cement with a shovel so that it can all be poured in one day.     Since Lordes was held at gunpoint to give up the cash at the hardware store, there have been other crimes against the citizens in our two adjoining neighborhoods. Steven, a good friend and Mennonite, lives close to Dave and Leslie up on the hill. Last night, three hooded men with masks, pistols and rifles broke into their home and stole what few possessions they had. Steven and his wife are practically newlyweds. They do have two babies, which must have been terrifying for mother and children. Today I made a bit of a show of the fact that we are armed. John and I went out and shot a few rounds from a pistol so that the workers, whom are from the local area, could spread the word that we are not defenseless. I think most of the region knows that already, but it doesn't help to reinforce the point. The workers were about 60 yards away behind us, but they did stop and watch the action. I do not think that the workers have any kind of criminal background. We have not been victims of crime this year but our next door neighbors have.       I've heard only one teaching on the following verse: Luke 22:36  He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."       What I heard was that the sword was actually a Bible. Funny thing was, Bible's did not exist when Jesus was teaching. I'm going to have take Jesus at his word on this one. Peter did strike the soldier's ear with a sword, so I'm pretty sure swords were not a no-no among the disciples. I do think there is a reason to arm yourself. I do believe it is my responsibility to stand up for the defenseless and at least put some godly fear into the people that would otherwise do us harm.
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