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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-05-08 10:19:14
Subject: Masquerade Ball

The following is from "Jonathan and Joy MacInnes", whom are doing a benefit for the home here. We really appreciate all your effort, Jonathan and Joy! *************************************************** The masquerade ball, which will benefit the boys of Chosen Boys Home in Honduras, has been an adventure unto itself. From the very early planning stages to the postponement of the ball due to a blizzard, it has been a wild ride. From the beginning the girls had an incredible time planning out the logistics of the ball. Most of the decorations had been handmade. I happened to be there the first date of the ball before the storm hit. Apparently choosing the appropriate colors was very important to them. That is why they chose black, gold, teal and finally purple. I was surprised how well the decorations complemented the atmosphere. They chose a more artistic Victorian look. Black and gold oval shaped ornaments along with birds adorned the hall. They then hung from the ceiling purple flower balls of all sizes. The entry way had been covered with gold and black fabric extending a few feet into the building.  Sheer black silk adorned the walls. In the center of the room hung a handmade chandelier made of flowers and beads. Each of the tables had either a gold or black table cloth with glass pebbles and candles lining the middle. Candles stood on holders spread through-out the dining room. Pictures of the young boys, who were the focus of the night, were sitting upon each table. The girls had also planned a meal fit for a king. All of this was eclipsed by the thoughts each person was having. For months we had been thinking about how this would benefit the children. That the money which would be raised would be sent to good ground to help those in need. Each person knew all would enjoy the ball, but our minds were on how the Father would bless these young men of God. On the day of the ball as the winds picked up and the snow began to become worse. My wife, along with the chef, and myself made the sad decision to postpone the ball for safety reasons. Now with a little over a week away from the second date we are doubly encouraged. More people have committed to attending and everything is falling back into place. It is our hope that this ball will be a success, not for our glory, but for the glory of the Father and for the children. All involved feel this is an opportunity for us to affect others lives even though most of us have never met those who will receive the blessing. It is our desire for God to be continually glorified long after the ball has been over.

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