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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-05-13 15:34:40
Subject: God Loves Us

I wrote this a while back, therefore it is written in present tense.  It actually happened  months back.   This past Sunday was a "first".  Sunday morning I took everyone to church, Mark stayed home to nurse a soon to deliver momma pig.  Arriving at church we greeted a North American group and a few other North Americans there visiting with another ministry.  Our family sat down for the service.  Mizael, the elder preaching that morning, came to me and asked for a favor; would I please translate the message into English for the visiting North Americans.  I truly belly laughed outloud, "Mizael, don't you see the blank look on my face from time to time when you talk to me?".  His reply, "But you speak perfect English!"  I told him that certainly I could not and suggested two other ladies there that morning, both possessing better Spanish skills.  Neither felt they could translate.  We all reached a solution, another lady and I would translate for individual rows, just sitting in our seat in the row with the people.  Ok, good! The worsip, memory verses, and announcements moved forward with our translating to our individuals.  Then Mizael got up to give the message.  He gave the scripture that would be his text and I looked to see if all the North Americans had their bibles, some did not.  I thought, well, I will get up and then read the scripture text outloud in English after Mizael reads the Spanish, and then sit down.  So I went up front with Mizael smiling and giving thanks and appreciation.  The passage was a strong one in Malachi.  I felt the fervor of the word Mizael had from the Father.  After the Spanish I read the passage in English, holding back tears as in my heart and mind I heard and felt the word to be given.  You see, the word  this morning had everything to do with the attitude of and the willingness of the heart.   After the reading of the word, Mizael asked if I would accompany him in translation.  I said yes..... you know why?  As I had sat before the sermon began and even as I stood beside Mizael listening to the word in Spanish, the father had spoke to me..."Paula, I have a word to give to this body this morning.  Some only understand English, so I need your voice.  I have a specific word for a specific one.  You and I both know you can not translate everything, BUT, IF you will just give what you have, I have a word to speak.  I will speak the word."  So, I stood there and bumbled through the translation, looking to Hannah, Leslie, David, and Jennifer at times for help.   As this happened, I felt the Word He had for his church.  I experienced a passion, a burning, the love of the Father for his Bride.  I have never stood and felt this, like this before.  As Mizael poured from his heart from the word the Lord had spoken to him, I could feel it - almost as though it could be touched.  Oh, He is so in love with His Bride and has a Word, Life, for us.   I saw people respond in their souls.  I saw the tears and the acceptance of the correction that was needed and the desparation of their hearts.  Some were so hungry for the Lord to touch them.   Anyone that knows me here knows that I can't translate.  But isn't it awesome - it wasn't about me.  It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS about God's passionate love for his Bride, the Church.  He can move a mountain, He can cause the lame to walk, He can make the deaf to hear, He can bring the dead to life, and He can speak the language of our heart, whether it be English or Spanish - with or without a translation.   To God be all the Glory, Paula

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