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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-05-16 20:32:12
Subject: Attack of the Weird Bugs

With the rainy season comes a particularly strange insect that flies around with two sets of wings. It seems to be some kind of migration culminating in the shedding of wings and crawling around. I'm no entomologist, but I'd venture to say that mating is somehow associated with this oddity. But wait, there's more! When these weird bugs start flying around, they do everything possible to enter your house. That is not too difficult in Honduras since most roofs have plenty of gaps large enough for birds to fly through. Given that the same homes also have no ceilings, there is nothing stopping the invasion. The fact that the bugs only invade the home in the evening keeps us from going completely insane. I just took a shower with about 100+ of the critters in the post-wing stage crawling the walls. In the morning, the bugs will be gone, perhaps dead, but we will find thousands of wings on the floor. May and June are not good months to visit for bugaphobics.
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re: Attack of the Weird Bugs  by Mike Jones on Monday May 18, 2009
re: Attack of the Weird Bugs  by hannah colbath on Saturday May 16, 2009

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