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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-06-18 11:57:21
Subject: Bakery

As long as we have lived here we have talked about opening a bakery.  We have all made baked goods to sell in the neighborhood.  The people here love the breads we make.   Hannah has been the most diligent in baking and selling.  In the beginning she made her goods to sell to save money to go to China.  Cinnamon rolls were and are her specialty.  She sells each small roll for 4Lemps a piece, or 21 cents.  A loaf of bread is 40 L or $2.00.   More recently Hannah, on the days she does not have ballet, makes cinnamon rolls and the little boys go out and sell them to the workers working on the new house.  They love them, they buy all she can make and sometimes place orders for more.  Today she got her biggest order, 200Lemps worth of bread for the albanils (professional cement workers).  They are buying cinnamon rolls and cinammon Swedish tea rolls.   They mentioned that their church would like to buy rolls from her also.   Isn't that neat!  For many years I have had many things running around in my head that I could do.  For many years God has continually showed me that it will be my children doing the most of those things, not me.  This is one of those visions come to pass.   I do pray for the funds to open up a store front bakery, with the baking going on here in an idustrial kitchen, giving jobs to single moms.  Hannah is sowing the seed.   I love God and His ways, Paula
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