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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-06-27 18:13:49
Subject: Feed The Families

OK Ya'll,      This is not a new program, it has been established by a dear couple that help out here at the home quite a bit. Dave and Leslie Hill run a feeding program as part of their ministry "New Life Ministries". They have been feeding families in various remote spots of Honduras for 12 years. Dave and Leslie buy basic food grains in bulk, bag them up in smaller bags and distribute them to families in need.      Recently, one of the major supporters of the feeding ministry had to return to the USA because of being targeted for violent crime. They cannot continue support because of the cost of living in America. So, without their help, more than half of the families will no longer receive food.      Ahh, the American in us says, why don't the families just work for a living? (OK, hopefully most of us are not thinking this, but there was a time, a lot of times, when I did or still do about other families. Yes, I am quite the merciful missionary.)      The answer is that the "families" are anything but nuclear. There is usually one adult caring for children not directly their own. In many cases, an elderly grandmother is just trying to keep those young grandchildren alive. We are talking widows here. To top that off, they are usually living on some small piece of land in a mud (adobe) hut that had been passed down by family. The land is typically in areas far removed from commerce (jobs). They do what they can to feed themselves, such as gardening and gathering sticks to cook with. But, you cannot raise enough food on a tenth of an acre to feed eight people. It's just not possible.      Here is a low-down on the food distributed every other week to families of 4-8 people: 15 lbs. corn (this ain't cream style, ya'll, it's just dried up corn, which needs to be boiled and ground to make tortillas) 8 lbs. dry red beans 9 lbs. rice 9 small packages of spaghetti 6 containers of tomato paste 2 kg (4.5 lbs) of corn flour Clear plastic bags to hold everything      All of this costs $17-$20, depending on time of year as grain prices fluctuate. Again, the food is distributed every other week. In effect, they are feeding families of 8 for about $5/month/person.      So, I am asking for volunteers. Would you be willing to feed a family for $40/month? Could you commit to anything on a monthly basis? I know the economy stinks right now, but we've got to plant our seed in the Kingdom of God. The money would go directly to Dave and Leslie by sending a check to their ministry administrator in the USA. The families live in Honduras near us. If you ever wanted to ride with Dave and Leslie while they distributed the food, I'm sure they'd let you help out. Dave would give you everything he owned if you asked for it.      This Christmas we hope to send a bit of pork to each of the above families so that they can make some tamales. This coming week we will begin selling live pigs and pork at the local market from the back of our little pickup truck. For several months now we've averaged a litter of pigs every week, last week we had two. Those little critters are quite prolific. We have no space in the freezer and probably could not butcher them fast enough if we did. Muchas Gracias

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