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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-07-24 12:11:10
Subject: Friday July 24, 2009

Everything is normal here!  Today there were supposedly going to be large protests, strikes, but things are normal and Gerardo and Antonio made it safely into the city for dialysis.  I did read that yesterday the hospital where he receives dialysis had protests around it, and that the labor strike caused parts to be shut down, but today things are cruising as normal.   Gerardo and his mother must redo a test on Monday due to mishandling.  We are praying that we receive the results very quickly as this is the only thing the transplant is waiting on.   The ex president Mel is supposedly coming into Honduras to make his return through the Nicaraguan borders sometime today or tomorrow.  Troops are posted there, but his support has so dwindled.  He repeatedly says he will come back and lead an insurrection, but it has yet to happen.  They did find a life size statue of Mel that he had made to put up along with the other heroes of Honduras!  The current gov't here seems to be calm and collected while dealing with matters that other countries have blown out of proportion.   Yesterday Mark and the guys slaughtered a pig to sell.  We pray that is a first of many to come.  Otherwise we will be overrun!  The garden is giving over 50 cucumbers a day right now, many zucchini, green beans, sweet potato, and pumpkins on the way.   Lauren arrived safely and has already jumped in to working with the boys.  She is working specifically with Eli and Carlitos.  Also helping Reynaldo with is reading, Arnol and Fernando with math.   I am thankful for the extra hands.   Our home church has postponed their visit.  We will miss their encouragement and company, but know God has a plan.   Our family home is moving along.  Roof  is there, windows will be in on Monday, and the guys are working to clean everything up today.  When it is cleaned up, I will post pictures.  We are prayerfully considering which steps come next in the house.   We ask for your prayers for Honduras.  We pray that our nation will repent of their sin and seek the Lord.  We also pray that people will not be griped with fear, and that rumors will be squelched quickly.  We pray for other nations to realize the truth, respect the Constitution of this nation, and not aid Honduras only out of  vain ambition.   Thank you for your continued prayer and support, Paula

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