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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-08-13 00:17:30
Subject: Funnies and news

Tonight we were all camped out in my bedroom watching a Cosby Show (Mark has given me several seasons as gifts- my fav.)  The particular episode was where one of the Cosby children, Sandra was giving birth to twins.  Reynaldo was sitting beside me on the bed.  When he saw the pregnant lady on the  show he said, "You have to be fat like you Tia to have a baby - that's right Tia?"   When the show was over (and in the show they talked about being a grandparent) Fernando asked, "Are you a grandmother yet?"   I am so glad my identity is not in their hands!!!

Today for lunch we packed up a picnic, gathered up the roller blades and helmets, and headed out to the cement basketball court or "cancha" as it is called here.  Even Carlitos was up for the walk and food.   Everyone had a backpack or bag to carry.  Fernando had a bike to give Carlitos a ride if he needed it.    The cement court is located about at the entrance of our neighborhood (I laugh, because you may have a gated community with a sport court, playground, etc. in mind when I say neighborhood).   The kids got to enjoy a summer afternoon of rollerblading and playing basketball.  We had several onlookers, I am sure wondering what in the world the rollerblades were! 

Tomorrow I will go for my 4th injection this week  for the staph infection I have.  The Dra. (female Dr. is a Dra.) is taking a more aggresive approach this time.  I am on several meds and receiving shots.   I am thankful that my infection site is going down and I do not have fever.  Praying for this to be the last one. 

Mark and a good friend, Dave, are going to be installing the metal studs for the drywall in our house.   They will start tomorrow.  When our church comes at the end of the month they will be installing the drywall.  So Mark and Dave are trying to get a head start for them.   The welder (Jose the Welder we call him) is finishing up the rafters for the drywall ceilings.  Jose has just finished putting in the plumbing (not fixtures, actual tubing).  Today he was cementing up the holes that shouldn't be there!   Rolman and a friend are working on the septic tank, and the septic around the house is finished. 

Hannah started a new job this week!  She is now teaching ballet to two sweet little girls, ages 4 and 3.  She is their private ballet instructor.  What a neat opportunity for her to be able to share something she loves.  She is also very excited because in her ballet class they are working on their dances that they will perform at a recital. 

Lately my prayers have been directed to our ladies group here and the women of Honduras.  As we come together as women in prayer, bible study, and fellowship, I know the Father has something for us to share with the Honduran women we are involved with.   Pray with me that we will hear the Lord clearly.   My prayers have specifically been for women that are christians but just don't know how to walk the walk, and for women who are illiterate.  I can't imagine not being able to pick up and read the Word to hear my Father.  For so many here, that is reality.

Gerardo shared his fears with me yesterday regarding his transplant.  Please remember him as you pray.   Pray that he will be able to put his trust and hope in the Lord, rather than listening to the lies of the enemy.  

We are so thankful this week for new computer work for Mark.  The Lord is so faithful in His provision for us. 

Thank you for checking up on us!






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