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Entry Date: 2009-08-13 11:53:11
Subject: re: Funnies and news

You are right Mike, it is hope we get to share.   Mark and I were talking the other night, it is only the Father that can change the situations we see here.   Abuse, poverty, listening to lies - it is only hope in the Father,  abiding in Him,  that can cause the heart and spirit to be able to deal with the extreme situations of life.   So many times in the past when I have prayed and prayed for someone or for something to happen to change all of these things I have been disappointed and disallusioned.  I realize that my hope was in the circumstance changing, not in the Lord.  So lately I have been praying the scriptures over the people, over the circumstances.  He is the hope we have to share.   In the next few weeks I will get to participate in ministering to a group of missionary ladies, a group of pastor's wives, and the group of women we work with here at the home.  I am praying that each group will hope in the Lord.   Thank you for sharing Mike.  You are always an encouragement to us.  We look forward to a visit from your whole family also.   Paula

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