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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-09-30 21:04:50
Subject: Wednesday September 30, 2009

Hi everyone,

As always, much going on! 

We were very happy to have Judy, Mark's mom, visiting with us for a couple of weeks.  She was able to stay in the "little house" or the "lonely house" as we now call it.  If you haven't been up on all the updates, Ada, whom the house was built for, decided to basically reunite with the father of two of her children.  He bought a small house for them and did not want her receiving help from us.  So, the house is all dressed up and lonely.   I was very sad, still am, to not have her children here with clean water, electricity, and a loving environment.  Again, I must release control and let God be in charge, not me! 

We so enjoyed having family with us and look forward to her next visit. 

Transplant preparations, cancellations, and new mandates have kept us in a whirlwind lately.  But God so faithfully would give us a peace and the attitude to not move until we saw His hand in many things where it seemed we should be hopping to others orders.  As of today, and you who track with us know it changes hourly,  Gerardo's birth mother is undergoing treatment for a female infection.  Because of this infection the transplant was delayed this week.  She must be on IV meds for 10 days. She is not happy about this.  She does have a family here that depend on her to take care of them.  We are so thankful, that through others donating specifically for Gerardo, we are able to give the money that their family needs while she is serving as organ donor.  If she continues the treatment, the transplant will be as soon as she is done.  She is not happy about the drs. attitude towards her.  You can imagine all the dynamics at play here, and honestly my words regarding all the matters would be flat out sin!  So we appreciate your prayers, care, and support.   Gerardo is hanging in there. 

Recently, I was able to participate in an Independence Day celebration with the boys school Destino Del Reino.  It was in the city's plaza and all of the bilingual schools played a part in the performance program and the selling of native foods.  Our school served boiled corn on the cob (a type of field corn used for tortilla making) topped with mayonase and Honduran hard cheese (grated).  It sold for 10L or 53 cents.  We also had atol dulce, which is a corn drink that is sweet.  The corn is ground up and sugar and cinnamon is used.  This was 8L a cup or 42 cents.  The main dishes were yucca with meat (chicharones-a type of pork rind with the pork meat) and cabbage, and Honduran enchiladas, which is a fried corn tortilla with meat and cabbage topped with tomato sauce.  The drink we sold was horchata.  This is a sweet, rice, and milk drink.  We sold out of everything we had. 

This weekend I am excited to be able to share with a group of women's leaders at their annual retreat.   I am sharing on the wholeness of the heart.  I hope this will be an opportunity for a door to open to share with these women on more occasions.  They have expressed the desire to walk through ministry and training in emotional healing and restoration of the heart.   It is such a humbling position to share from.  I love to see God move in the hearts of the women and heal places in their hearts that have hurt them for years.   I love to see Him change thought processes and replace lies with truth.  So it will be a blessing to be with them.  I also get very afraid!  Until it happens my stomach is in knots and I feel such a burden.   I think about all of the stupid things I could say that could stand in the way of what He wants.  All the things I could say that could offend or cause people to question Him.  My mouth is a mess and truly all they need are His words, not mine!  The Father wants to meet with his children. 

I am prayerfully considering an opportunity to share with parents at the school regarding parenting.  It is such a needed resource here, and the opportunity could be on a regular basis.  It overwhelms me in the sense that there is so much need and I, being of the teacher personality, see the need for a whole curriculum!  I am sure that wonderful ones are out there and I do not need to reinvent the wheel, but we want to hear what the Lord is saying to these people at this time also.  So I leave it in God's hands and ask him for wisdom and direction.  

My at the doors the Father opens! 

Thank you for checking in on us!









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