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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2009-09-30 22:26:04
Subject: Plans change hourly!


As I said in an earlier journal, plans with Gerardo change hourly.

We have the latest from his dialysis visit today.

The dr. now says that the mother will be ok by Monday.  So the dr. wants Gerardo to check in on Friday for a transplant on Monday.   Of course all is subject to change. 

We pray it will be this soon because the mother truly is not thrilled with the whole arrangement and wants to back out.   My lack of words are an extreme understatement. 

And the whole mess with the apartment, finding something with 2 bathrooms, must pass inspection, etc.  Seems to have all worked out by God.   The house that a friend of a friend told us about apparently is in a nice residential section that the dr. gave approval for as soon as she heard the name of the neighborhood.  Of course this could change too!  But for now, all the hoopla is calm. 

As I said in an earlier journal, we now have the "lonely house", the house for Ada, that ended up not being for Ada.  As you can probably tell, this is something that bothers me daily.  A church gave the money and the labor to build the house expressly for this single mother, to help her and her children.  I feel very responsible for the way things turned out and daily feel like I somehow misrepresented something to a church.  They gave so generously and willingly.  We bought fabric, made curtains, a bed, decorated, etc.  But, it is how it is.  Well, now the house is not so lonely. 

Gerardo needs to be separated until the transplant.  Eli and Fernando have a cold.  We need to keep Gerardo germ free.  So he is now the new occupant of the little house!   We went over, changed sheets, cleaned the bathroom, sprayed disinfectant throughout, brought over some books, clothes, and meds and now Gerardo has a kid free space. 

God is always looking out for us.  Always has the best for us.



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