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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-12-04 14:46:14
Subject: Things Sort of Coming Together

      The farm has been a whirlwind of activity for the last week or so. I told Paula and Jose that we needed to liquidate some of the pigs because the feed bill was getting out of hand. Well, when we pray and turn Jose loose, things happen.

      Saturday we had our first significant sale of pigs, ever. It amounted to just over $1000, which is about where our monthly feed bill will be if we don't sell quite a few more this month. Believe me, we cut corners on this feed bill too. Who am I kidding? We lop off whole sides. Today we are working out a deal with someone to sell 40 small pigs for about $1500. It's not much and not all that profitable, but it will sure help reduce the feed bill. This was another Jose deal, aside from selling $200 worth of small culling pigs yesterday which he did in two separate deals in the span of two hours. I told him we need to sell pigs at market, which we failed to do last time we tried. He was really worried about being able to sell them but Antonio had a prophetic dream and those two men are probably about as strong Christians as you will find.

      Hopefully we can reduce our herd size to manageable size very soon because I want to focus the labor on finishing the new house. We lack about $4000 in materials to make the thing livable, but we want to be in it this year so that Jose and his family can move here full time. This should cut expenses further while giving a little more security to everyone involved. There have been a lot of killings and robberies here lately, but a lot of them are drug related; thankfully nobody here has a problem with drugs.

     Finally we have our eye on high school and special ed school in February. We've been talking about what Jose's wife could do while waiting for the children to finish their school days. We discussed several small businesses, but it finally dawned on me this morning; the restaurant. We've been talking about opening a restaurant since before we moved here. We even had a five year plan. The first four years were to be spent learning the difference between a pitchfork and a toadstool, with a goal of excellence in agriculture. We have not touched excellence, but we are improving. The fifth year was when we were to open a restaurant as an outlet for the meat and other goods we produce here. Happy to say, that we look to be on schedule for the fifth year, which starts in January. So, we will be discussing with Lourdes, Jose's wife, opening a small restaurant; probably just to serve lunch during the weekdays. She is an excellent cook.

     The pig market is looking up. People use pork to make tamales here for Christmas. All year there's been two things working against us; the horrible economy caused by the political mess and "swine flu". People believed that eating pork would give you swine flu. Thankfully, Christmas baking trumps unfounded fears!

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