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Entered By: Hannah
Entry Date: 2009-12-13 14:18:47
Subject: Sunday December 13, 2009

 Hello everyone!

I hope this letter finds everyone well. Lately I have been busier than I like to be all the time. My ballet teacher has been taking us overtime to get ready for our recital on the 16 of December. I have also been looking at universities and teams that go to China. School is slowly passing by. Everyone is making crafts and wrapping gifts for Christmas.                     

 I love taking my ballet and the other students are very nice to me. Some of the steps I recognize from my ballet in the States, but some steps are new and a lot I have forgotten. We are all excited about the recital and I have no doubt it will be a fun experience. In the summer, when the little boys were off school, I made up some dances and they learned them. I learned that Arnol and Timothy should be separated if you want their attention. Also, you should not put Eli next to Timothy or Reynaldo! Faith had to be a separator to keep them in line.

 I looked at colleges that offered a major in Asian studies. I was pleased to see that UT was one of them. So, I have been thinking about it a lot. Also, Mr Porter Briggs let me use his Rosetta Stone Chinese. That was a big blessing. Thanks Mr Porter! 

 My Omnibus history is my favorite subject in school, but math is my least liked subject. Daddy teaches me and every new lesson we come to he says; " Oh, This is my favorite!" That makes me feel a little worried because all the most complicated and mind-boggling lessons turn out to be Dad's favorite. Dad will occasionally try to explain computer stuff to me as well. This past year I have been trying to write a little something here and there when I do not have a lot of homework. The small story is finally finished. I have started a new one that I am thinking about adding to the other one.

 We put up our tree with celebration and hot chocolate with a candy cane. It is amazing how fast it gets done with 13+ pairs of hands. Daddy always makes the chocolate with John while Mommy heads up ornament placement. Almost every day Mommy has a little craft to squeeze in. The boys all liked to paint and glitter pine cones and cut out cinnamon ornaments to put on the gifts. Every day Mom has to take me in to ballet she takes someone to get their gift for their not-so-secret-Santa. The other day we made a nativity or nacimiento out of clay. The most good-looking wise man had a black head and a pink nose.

 I hope you all have a good Christmas with your family and a great new year!
 God bless you,

 Hannah Colbath


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