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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2009-12-25 10:45:38
Subject: Merry Christmas

So far so good. I've really enjoyed this Christmas morning as well as any I can remember. I think the wakeup call was about 6 AM. Timothy came into our bedroom for his first visit to the bathroom. He was walking back to his room when Paula asked if he wanted to open his stocking. He shrugged his shoulders and picked it up. I don't remember Timothy being as thankful for everything received as he was this morning. One by one our other kids trickled in, ending with John.

Once we finished in our room, the rest of the house started to wake and we turned them loose on their own stockings. Everyone received a marshmallow gun today with a bag of miniature marshmallows for ammo. We made the marshmallow guns yesterday at Dave's house and Jose's house using PVC pipe and the required fittings.

We decided to break right after stockings to take care of the animals before opening gifts from one another. I enjoyed this as I don't get to do it very often. Normally the workers are here and taking care of it while we are getting everyone ready for school and taking the little boys to the bus stop.

When I returned from farm duty, I gave off an odor of a dozen hogs. Most everyone was waiting for me to return and resume Christmas. Timothy started to sit in my lap but I told him he'd better refrain because I desperately needed a shower. Paula asked if I wanted to read the biblical account of the birth of Jesus (in the Book of Luke). I said I could, but I could also take a shower while Antonio read it in Spanish.

I returned from the shower about the time Antonio finished reading. We were about to begin passing out gifts when Antonio gave thanks to us and to God for being taken care of over the last year while living here and working with us. We told him that a year ago when faced with taking Gerardo to dialysis three days a week that we prayed earnestly out of desperation; there was no way I could keep up my computer jobs and Paula continue teaching school if we had to be gone all day that often. We were visiting the USA at the time. Next day, the Lord reminded us of Antonio. Antonio has been faithful to escort Gerardo each time to dialysis in the only location that performs it for children (the university hospital in Tegucigalpa).

The gift giving commenced and everyone took time to give thanks to the people that thought of them.

Now it's my turn. Thanks to everyone that gives here! The children are truly blessed and so are we.

Tomorrow we will be donating the ingrediants, including of course, some of our pork, for preparing tamales for 200 people at Pastor Gustavo's church. The church has a lot of desperately poor children that are happy to receive a meal whenever it is served there, no matter how the meal is. I also hope to purchase enough apples to give out because that is the traditional Christmas treat in Honduras, aside from grapes.

Merry Christmas

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