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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-01-04 09:38:20
Subject: We are in!

Yes, we are in!  I mean in our new house.  Seems like a miracle doesn't it !   We are grateful. 

We are functional with still a good bit of work to be done on the house, things like leaky water things, still a toilet to be installed, bathroom sink,  pantry, closets to be turned into closets, etc.  

Jose and Lourdes are in the house we lived in.  The adjustments seem to be as smooth as humanly possible, with the normal anxieties.   The boys know and love them.  What the boys didn't realize is that the discipline and order in the home was not because we were North Americans, but rather because we loved them and tried to obey God!    So they thought, hey, the Hondurans  are here, it will be back to wild life......WRONG!  Jose and Lourdes love them and seek to obey God also, so amazingly enough, rules still apply!    The boys will get the concept of healthy family, be it North American or Honduran.  I love God. 

Yesterday I was so blessed, my new neighbor, Lourdes, came over for coffee and a visit.  When I asked her what was hard, she replied,  preparing the food, concern for her 14 year old daughter, and dealing with a certain boy.  Wow, these were my same concerns!    I pray that having walked in those shoes for 4 years I can bring counsel, comfort,  and compassion to the situation.  Our door is always open. 

For us, the adjustment is huge.  While everyone loves having space and privacy, they also hate having space and privacy!  Truly, the hardest road is for John.  He had come to a place of loving, dealing with, accepting, and at times tried by  the constant companionship of the older boys.  Now he misses them.  Whereas they can still be together most of the time, it is those times like mealtimes and when the younger ones are in bed that his life has become very different.   So pray for him.  I don't want to hem him in, but know that our family needs some rebuilding time and that the new family needs building time.  Jose and Lourdes agree. 

In the first few days the enemy worked me over.  He had me believing we were now worthless here, no purpose in being here, we had done a horrible job and now a Honduran family needed to come clean up our mistakes,  the boys would never want to be with me, my son rather live with Jose and Lourdes, etc, etc, etc,  Today I can say I know those are lies and God is giving me truth.  Through my bible study, church service yesterday, and the visit with Lourdes, God is tilling my soil, reading my mail, and changing my thoughts.  

Well, now the hard part, living in community, dwelling in unity!  Building the house is easy compared to the time we are entering now.  Hopefully we have learned some things to help this new growth not bust up all the soil around us!  

Thank you for praying and caring,  Paula 



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