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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-03-24 10:40:16
Subject: Middle Age Continued

        Well at the moment I'm listening to a worship CD with music from the 80's, which incidently is also the same era of American pop music which is popular in Honduras. We borrowed Dave Hill's van to take our pastors from Texas back to the airport. The CD belongs to Dave, whom left it in the van. Jim Pack said he really enjoyed the CD. The CD we are listening to is called "Acoustic Worship" Volume 2. As the  title indicates, it is pretty much guitar and singing.

        The worship music has changed quite a bit in my 20 year history with the church. I'm going to go out on a limb here and offend a host of younger and probably older christians alike. For a long time I've felt that some of the worship sung in America is what I call "droning". Paula and Hannah hate that description, but it's the best label I can think of. The words and short phrases seem to be repeated consequtively and excessively; unlike a chorus. I feel like an old codger that can't get into it because of my age. At times I feel religious and not in a good way.

       But I suppose it's just all the passing of the guard. Them young whippersnappers worship in their own way and I'm glad the church is still at least somewhat relevant for the generations after mine. Again, I don't mean to say that new worship style is only for the young; it's just that it makes me feel old.

      One time Paula's grandmother (Ma-ma) visited our church in Round Rock, TX, right before we were married, which was a year after I became a believer. That church played the same songs I'm listening to right now, with perhaps a bit of percussion. She endured it, but upon exit she announced, " now wasn't that just like a rock concert".

      I'm on the way, Ma-ma, I'm almost there.

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