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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-03-27 14:23:17
Subject: The Meat Project

For just over a month now, we've been supplying our church with 10 lbs of meat per week. Normally we provide ground beef, but today we gave pork. The meat is used for the lunch they serve to the children in the weekly lunch they serve on Sundays.

While we are glad to provide the meat, we also need to earn money to pay the workers here. I would like to offer an opportunity to bless several people at once by opening this meat project up to donors. The meat would normally cost $20 ($2/lb). The hamburger is extra, extra, extra lean ground beef. We butchered the young bull ourselves and used all of it for ground beef, not just the fatty parts and scraps. Of course the pork is from the farm too. If someone would like to adopt a week or more per month (at $20/week), please contact us. Here is how you would touch multiple lives by your donations:

  • First and foremost the children need the protein and for the vast majority of them, it's the only meat they'll consume in a week. They come from a very poor area. They rarely eat more than corn tortillas and some red beans.
  • The workers also have families that they support. The money paid for the meat will support their work here and their children at home.
  • The older children at Hope Farm will continue to learn valuable trade skills and work ethic while caring for animals and processing the meat.

We are also purchasing John's sweet potatoes, when available, to give to the church. He puts in a lot of hours in the sun to raise his crops. We are planning on increasing the land available to him as he has shown extraordinary initiative in his farming endeavors. He will be paying for help with the next crop. One serving of sweet potatoes has a full week of Vitamin A, which will help prevent eye problems among the poor and under-nourished here.

To sum up, we are looking for people that want to donate $20/month to the church, which provide meat to 70 children in their weekly church lunch.

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