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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2010-04-28 22:48:00
Subject: Updates and various details of life!

Things are happening, even though I haven't taken the time to journal.  Power outages and slow internet seem to be happening when I have the time to sit down and journal!  Earlier this evening I typed a wonderful journal updating you on everything, only to have internet go out when I posted.  UGGHH!  I will try again, except this time I will write it in notepad first (Mark has often suggested this)! 

*  Gerardo needs our faithful prayers.  The biopsy report came back indicating that his body is about 15-30 days out from completely rejecting the new kidney.  It is not functioning properly now, his creatinine is very high, and levels are high that should be low.  This is the drs. report....we are believing for a turn around.  Gerardo as well as all of us believed this new kidney was the answer.  So this is very disappointing to him.  He is very upset about missing school, as he is going into Teguc. now 3 times a week.  Please pray with us for complete "reception" of the new kidney, for his body to function properly, for Gerardo's mental state, and for his hope to be renewed.  God has a plan! 

*  Financial provision- with the increased trips to the hospital and increased meds, the money has also increased, to the tune of $200 a week.  This is way outside the budget!  Mark has had steady computer work, but it does not make up the difference.  Mark and Jose talked and the outcome was (until we see a change in funding)  to sell as many animals as we can for a good price.  This will drop feed costs, work costs, and give some immediate funds. It is not what we want for the farm, but we need to do something immediately. 

* Prayer for Mark. He carries very heavily the need to clothe, feed, educate, and care for the children here.  We are thankful for the work he has on the computer, but it also takes away from other things that need to be done.  God has a balance for us and we pray to know His ways rather than our own.  We love and appreciate Mark and do not want him to grow weary in well doing.  Ultimately we trust our Father to take care of us. 

*  School rolls on and Fernando needs our prayers!  Fernando entered back into public jr. high this year (February), after homeschooling over 2 years using the ACE program.  Fernando is our social guy and likes to have a crowd following him.  Please pray that he will apply himself and stick to the tasks at hand, rather than seeking approval from the world.  He does his homework here with us everyday.  Though John is a tough tutor, I think Fernando likes it because he gets to stick around for dinner! 

* Rainy season has come early this year, so it is time for fields to be plowed up and planted.  Jose and John are working hard to till up the garden (with a much defective tiller!) and plant the vegetables we eat here.  John will soon have the field plowed up to plant sweet potatoes, and another field of sorghum.  We also hope to be able to plant more fruit trees and blackberry bushes.  Pray with us for a rich harvest. 

* Hannah is, PRAISE THE LORD, recovering from 2 staph infections on her foot.  She has been hobbling around on crutches, getting daily shots, and taking daily doses of meds.  She is on the mend and we are so thankful.  Pray for complete healing and cleansing of her body. 

* Church feeding program - Our church feeds a hot meal to over 80 children on Sundays.  They want to be able to expand this.  We are so greatful to have the animals to help provide the meat for the Sunday meals, but more is needed.  They are raising funds to feed more times a week, finish out a kitchen and a dining room.  If you would like to partner with our church, full of generous and eager to serve people, please email us.   This has been on Hannah's heart for some time and it is so wonderful to see God provide things just as they are needed. 

*  Prayer for all of us here as the two homes continue to be established and stretched.  We are so thankful to have godly, honest people to serve with here.  Jose and Lourdes love the boys and are wonderful with them.  But changes always bring some measure of difficulty and relationships are difficult!  Pray for John.  It has been a hard transition for him.  He so readily received the boys as family, and cares for them so.  It is hard for him to not live all together.  I also tend to take on rejection though it is not intended.  Though I know God is establishing the family in the other house, it is hard for this mama to let go.  We pray for wisdom to know if we should take some boys here or receive more children.  Pray for us to have relational wisdom beyond our experience and abilities. 

* The dear ladies of Honduras -  I was so blessed to be able to share with a group of teachers in Comayagua in March.  Their hearts were so ready to receive a healing touch from the Father.  What a priveledge to share with them and see God at work in their lives.  The women that God has put me in contact with are so hungry.  Religion and performance has failed them and they are hungry for the real deal.  Please pray for doors to open, hearts to receive, ears to hear, and for the women of Honduras to be wholey devoted to their Heavenly Father. 

Much more that could be said, but it will save for another journal.  Thank you for praying and caring with us.  You are a part of the work that God is doing in Honduras.  He is moving across His earth.  What an honor to see his hand and heart in action. 
Blessings to your families,

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