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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-06-09 17:34:19
Subject: Wednesday June 09, 2010

Not sure how many times I can get away with starting by, "well, it's been awhile". Going to try it one more time. We've been neglectful of journalling of late, going to use the "busy" excuse again. At this time, I am working about 60 hours weekly on computer jobs. Paula is schooling our children, Eli and Gerardo when he gets enough energy to sit up.


Gerardo is not feeling well at all. He sees the writing on the wall. The kidney he was given has clearly been rejected by his body; it is swollen, hard and he has a constant fever. He rarely has enough energy to leave the bed. Paula has spoken with him more than once about preparation for eternity. He's seen the other kidney donor recipients pass away right next to him. I wish I could sound more upbeat about this. We love Gerardo.  He is living in our new home with us as we try to make him as comfortable as possible while monitoring his health.

Jose purchased a small tire shop after selling his home in San Pedro Sula that his mother left him as an inheritance. He is very busy with that on the weekends. He's given his brother a full time job so that he can eventually move his family away from a dangerous neighborhood in San Pedro Sula. He's trying to make it work, but it's not profitable as the former owner told him (go figure). I am hoping that his brother will get moved up here sooner so that Jose does not have to work 7 days/week. He works here at the farm on weekdays and at the tire shop on weekends when his brother visits his family in San Pedro Sula.

I am beginning to feel the pinch of preparing to send our first child to college. Yes, it's still two years away, but the thought of Hannah moving out is a always on my mind. Besides her moving out, I am trying to save some of the money I earn so that she is not worried about finances while studying. She is thinking University of Texas because it is one of the only schools in Texas that offers the major she is seeking. So the good news, UT costs far less than most other major universities. Bad news is that it costs over 10x what I paid when I attended 25 years ago (about $500/semester incuding books).

John is still planting and farming in general. He has planted about half an acre of sweet potatoes and zuchinni. I expect roughly 1000 lbs. of sweet potatoes and probably half as much zucchini.

You know, I really started typing to share what the Lord has laid on my heart but I guess it's natural to start in about the kids. So here goes...

I want to preface this by saying that a secular reader might call what I have to say, a "self-steem problem". I also want to say that I am a slow learner as many of you have probably figured this out at an earlier age. The message is very short and simple. I am not going to list out all the things I think are wrong with this world, which are too numerous to count. I only want to say what is right with this world: God. Nothing else.

On my best day, I am a sinner. There is nothing in this bag of flesh and bones worthy of life eternal. I try to do the right things as well as help others, but even at my best, I fall short; all of us do. It's why God had to become flesh among us and die for us. Honestly, I take great comfort in the fact that I cannot do it on my own but that God has done it for us. I will continue to try to do the right thing, but when I fail, I know God's grace is sufficient.

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