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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-07-23 12:42:33
Subject: Friday July 23, 2010

I'm back in gunslinger central, Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. This time I'm tucked away in my favorite little haven, Espresso Americano, which also supplies the caffeine needed for four hours of lightening quick programming finesse.

No incidents to report this morning, no adult under-garments were spent on the bus, no bait and switch taxi fares, no shootouts. Just another day in paradise.

We do have some heavy hearts on the farm right now. Fernando has been struggling since the year began and, in retrospect,  re-inserting him into the world of peer pressure AKA public high school was a mistake. Although Honduras does not recognize home schooling, we probably should have kept him home. Fernando, for whatever reason, is easily drawn into negative peer groups. This year he and his group got involved in a few minor things outside school, but mainly it's what they didn't do that was the most harmful. None of his group did their homework and consequently failed miserably. I told him from the start that all he needed to do was his homework and he would do alright in school. Paula enforced a two hour per day study time in our house after his first bad semester, but he never would bring homework home. So, after the last report card, with no hope of passing the year, we pulled him from school. We told him that when we thought his attitude and heart were ready, we would try again. Until then, he needed to learn what it's like to live without an education, so we put him on full time work at the farm.

Things got worse. He fought with the little boys, called them names and was generally disruptive in the house that our two new and very capable caretakers are running. Just as the former caretakers did, they complained that Fernando was robbing the peace of the home. He would not obey them nor would he respect the rules of the home. So Paula and I tried to separate him from the main home as best we could. He was staying in the little house with David. Yesterday we woke with David at the door telling us he had not seen Fernando and he could not find him. Fernando left in the night, with his backpack and we've not seen him since. We've been here 4.5 years; this is our first runaway. Fernando is loved here, but could not accept that discipline was part of love. Our best guess is that he sought out his grandmother in Comayagua, about 20 miles south of us. Please pray for Fernando because things could go really poorly in his life if he continues his path of self-destruction.

So, for the first time since moving here, we genuinely feel that we not only have space but we have help willing to take in more children; possibly two, younger boys or girls. If the Lord confirms this, please pray that the children that come will be open and able to receive a life changing education and be light to future generations. Our goal here is not to make a giant orphanage, nor to strictly raise missionaries nor pastors, but to turn out spiritual giants that are rocks in a land of quicksand; whom stand steadfastly by their future spouses and children.

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