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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-09-07 10:39:17
Subject: Tuesday September 07, 2010

Gerardo is still in the hospital. His pressure has come down but last we heard, the nurses messed up his medicine so they are going to detain him longer. We have no idea when they might consider releasing him at this point.

Paula, Hannah, John and Faith have some kind of respiratory infection; which the doctor believes might have started from an allergy. They all received breathing/nebulizer treatments yesterday and will return for same today.

And now for some really good news, TWO DAYS WITHOUT RAIN! Today it's actually quite sunny so far. If I were a meteorologist I might know better but it seems like Tropical Storm Hermine is pulling the moisture away from us at the moment. That storm is hitting Texas and Mexico as I write. The closest part of that storm is hundreds of miles to the north of us. Typically, September has been one of the rainier months here. Today I was able to walk down our driveway today without sinking into gravel/mud, which is almost like walking on water.

Something I noticed in my travels of the capital city while visiting Gerardo, is that the culture of friendliness and hospitality is as lacking there as it is in major cities of the USA. This morning I walked the boys to the bus again. You would be hard pressed to not be greeted by 20+ people in the streets of our neighborhood during the 20 minute walk to the highway. In Tegucigalpa, I've been greeted by more armed robbers than by friendly faces (score: Robbers 1 - Friendlies 0). I try to say to hello to people as I walk to the hospital, but they wear very cold expressions and seem very suspicious of anyone that looks their way. So honestly, I guess the casual greeting that I enjoy is more of a small town thing than a Honduran thing. Hopefully this is the case back in our home country.

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