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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-10-02 21:27:34
Subject: Holy Bacon Bits, Batman

We've been selling pigs like crazy last few weeks. After last year's Swine Flu, many swine farmers went out of business. Associating pigs with a serious illness was horrible for business. We hung in there believing that hogs have been around since creation and God was probably not done with them. So last year we were able to make favorable trades for cattle while still keeping our breeding stock. This past month has seen four buyers racing to buy whatever we have for sell. Basically, we are selling everything except for a few recent acquisitions.

With the proceeds of sales this week we bought four females (gilts) that will be ready to breed in a couple of months. The breed is improved over what we had and should fetch better prices next year. Our sows have given about all the litters they can, so we are selling those off too. Most commercial farms in America get about four litters per sow before culling. We can get five to six because ours live in less stressful conditions.

So we've pretty well sold off all but except for a few old sows and our future breeding stock. God has blessed us in our livestock endeavors more than ever and we are poised to do better next year. A good friend is trying to secure a tractor for us so that we can grow mass quantities of feed stock for the animals, which should cut our food bill by more than half; making our swine and cattle production 2-3 times more profitable.

God is good and it's a blessing to see our plans progressing by His hand.

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