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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-11-11 13:20:55
Subject: Traffic Laws and Bad Eyeballs

     Tuesday I got a call from Paula while I was travelling back from Tegucigalpa with Gerardo. She was shaking as she called. She told me that a policeman stopped her, she thought for a routine registration and license check. He quickly told her that she had violated the law. She asked how. She was not speeding. She stopped for the light, etc. He told her that she stopped over the pedestrian crosswalk. She actually was behind another car at the traffic light, but the policeman probably thought the prospects were better with a white woman. He told her that if she paid him directly, her problems would be over. She refused, and for that I congratulated her.

    I went to pay the ticket for her yesterday. It was the "muy grave" (very serious) type of infraction, amounting to $32 in fines (600L). I told the officer at the station that the policeman on the ticket asked for money in the street. I added that they always ask for money from us. She told us it's because we never tell anyone at the station. I refuted that, but I might as well have been banging my head against a brick wall. The officer also confirmed that the lines were painted the morning that Paula got the ticket. The policemen were out giving tickets to teach people the law. Opportunity knocked, they answered. Heard another ticket bearer tell the officer that she was part of the mafia.

     Today I went for a pre-consultation for eyeglasses. We do not have a full time optometrist in Siguatepeque; we just wait for a traveling doctor to come once a month. I am scheduled to meet him on Saturday. I did some eye tests and found that my right eye has some trouble focusing. My left eye doesn't seem to have any problems. They are already trying to talk me into $200 lenses (frames not included). I am thinking, give me a patch and I'll learn how to talk like a pirate. She more or less told me my eyes are bad because of my age.

     Please pray for Carlitos. He is having what we think are seizures. The local doctor says no, but we are going for a second opinion on Saturday when a traveling neurologist comes for his monthly visit to our town. The seizures are becoming more powerful.

    Gerardo loses vision on occasions (blackouts). This coincided with the reduction in his dialysis from three times weekly to twice. The reduction was based on resources available at the hospital, not any improvement in his condition. He is having bouts of depression sometimes because of his health.

    Hannah and John are taking on Saxon's Advanced Mathematics right now. They just started the book last week. They are doing pretty well. The problems look a lot more like what Hannah saw on the PSAT than the previous math book did. I am hoping this will boost her SAT when she takes it middle of next year. We are still awaiting her PSAT scores from the test last month.

     John is still harvesting sweet potatoes. We donated some to the church on Sunday for their feeding program. Hoping to do the same for the remaining potatoes. The kids love them and they are one of those "super foods", rich with vitamins and other good things.

      I started writing the follow up book to "Pharisee" last night. After receiving positive reviews, I feel a lot more confident about the second book. I think the writing and the story will be much better. To be honest, Pharisee was written over a two year period and it included accounts of things we experienced throughout that time. I actually have enough material for book two in my outline, also heavily based on experience. I hope not to drag this one out too long.

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