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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-11-29 14:11:40
Subject: Fernando Returns

I wish I could have given him a prodigal son's father response, but we had some issues to deal with. It is our stated policy to not accept boys that run away back into the home. If we allow this, then any time it gets too tough for a boy, he will run, get his fill of the world and come back. Kimberly enforced this policy before we arrived and it seemed like a good idea.

The only problem is, that we can never enforce it. I make it tough on the boys that return. They have reduced priveleges and a heavier work load. We are trying to find a position at the church's feeding program for Fernando to work at so that he has constant supervision in a positive atmosphere. If he works on the farm, we have nobody who can make sure he is staying out of trouble.

We also want to get Fernando back in school next year but believe he is not capable of staying out of trouble. He gets into bad groups and mimics their behavior, which includes not doing required schoolwork. If anything, we want to send him to weekend school where is there less time for peer influenced problems.

Fernando left our home months ago when we separated him for hitting the younger boys and pulled him out of school for poor grades. He believed that life here was too difficult. So he left to find his grandmother in Comayagua. He found that she had died two years prior. So he moved in with his aunt for awhile until she had to remove him because she could not afford to care for him. Then he found his father. His father is an alcoholic whom beat Fernando. Fernando had to work long hours to have money for food. His pay was anywhere from $5 to $20 per week but his employers did not always pay. So he returned, beaten down and much skinnier. He was remorseful but he does need to show that he is not here just to enjoy a life of ease. I need to see that he can and will study. I need to see that he is willing to work, even if it's just volunteer work at the church.

Walter found out recently that he needs to qualify for the US Air Force Academy with an acceptable SAT score. He probably has more than enough math skills by now, but the English verbal portion could be a real challenge.

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