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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2010-12-11 14:17:06
Subject: Faith and Hope

I need to once again preface my words with, "I am a slow learner".

Faith, in my experience, is used in reference of hoping for positive things.

"If I only had the faith, her help would improve." 

"If I had a little more faith, I would get that job."

"Just believe and you will have all that you need..."

Living a few more years in a fallen world has caused me to broaden the scope of faith. I believe that if we all had a little more faith, we might not do such terrible things to one another. We might not make a habit of lieing about ourselves or others. We might not cheat our customers so much. We might not do a host of other things.


If we have faith in God, we also have faith about his reality and our mortality. We would believe that there are eternal consequences. If we live with an ever present sense of eternal justice, reward and punishment, we wouldn't act like there is no Hell. If we believe half the words of Jesus, we have to believe that there is a heaven, there is a hell and you wouldn't want to go to the latter.

Without notice, we are going to Him or He is coming to us. Let's be ready. Let's live by faith.

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