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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-01-15 12:52:56
Subject: Saturday January 15, 2011

I'm back in Honduras.

Thanks to the hospitality of my siblings and friends, Tim and I had a good visit with my mother and others. Mom is improving and looks like she'll be back on her feet after some tough rehab. At 71 years of age, it can't be an easy road. She is still in the rehab hospital until she finishes a round of anti-biotics to completely knock out the infection in her spine brought on by e. coli and the resulting sepsis. She will be there until the 25th of January.

Gerardo is home. He had quite a scare in the hospital, bringing him to critical condition after his blood pressure spike to 200/157. Turns out that he was out of his bp meds, which are relatively expensive. Paula bought enough for him but it is possible the nurses used or sold the meds to other patients (it being the most expensive med he has to take) while he was in the med. Result was that he ran out and pressure skyrocketed. Paula had a heck of a time holding the farm down while dealing with the rants of nurses, doctors and handling Gerardo's medical stuff by herself. As always, there's a lot of work to do but not enough to do it.

My nose is very thankful to be back in a humid climate with no indoor climate control. I was not used to the dry winter air of Texas nor the indoor heating. My sinuses were very dry to the point of bleeding while in Texas. If you've ever seen the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Predator", you might understand why the aliens dropped into jungle terrain. Had they dropped into Arizona, they would have had extreme sinus problems before the Minutemen picked him up and brought him to proper border patrol authorities.

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