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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-03-07 11:31:43
Subject: March 12

     Two more months until we lose our baby daughter to the rat race. Hannah will be spending her summer in Texas flipping burgers, assembling tacos or whatever it takes to save a few bucks for college, which she hopes to start Fall 2012. We couldn't have asked God for a better girl, instead we got two wonderful daughters.

     John has had to step up on studies this year. Paula loaded him up on literature that I'm thinkful I never even had to read in college, though the books are centuries old.

     Baby Rey or "Rey Gotas" (Spanish for "King of the Drips", a nickname for his plentiful drool), slept through the night last night. I think he would have the night before but he let out a short cry at 5:30 and Paula about did a somersault getting to his bed before he woke anyone else. You'd think we had 11 people sleeping in our house, oh wait, never mind. Anyway, I kidded her all day yesterday that she woke him up. When she got him up, he was too sleepy to finish his bottle.

    This week I discovered the wonderful technology of antennas by accident. My desk was a mess so I set my little wireless USB modem on top of a metal can of pvc glue. The metal on the modem connector contacted the metal of the can. I got a signal boost, 4 bars instead of 2-3, giving me a whopping 15-20KB/s instead of 5KB. Below you'll see the next evolution of antennas. It's as effective as the metal can, but not as difficult to balance.

Gotta love aluminum foil.

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re: March 12  by Ken Strahan on Wednesday March 16, 2011

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