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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-04-11 10:39:39
Subject: Meds

           Gerardo's drug prescriptions are checked and updated every two weeks. I am so thankful for the free service provided by the doctors in the national medical school hospital. Many of the drugs Gerardo requires in order to survive are also provided at no cost by the hospital.

           Aside for the 3x weekly transportation costs to the hospital, which is three to four hours drive from here, there are additional medicines Gerardo requires that the hospital does not stock. Essentially, we pay about $650/month for his medicine and transportation.

           One of the meds we recently checked was just a simple bottle of calcium + vitamin D. This is something he must take a lot of. It would seem that the kidney is responsible for breaking down these elements in your food but he has no funcitoning kidney. Right now he is required to take 6 - 600 mg daily.  In Wal-mart, the cost of this supplement is $9 for a 80 day supply. In Honduras, the same quantity costs $121.

             People comment on how it is cheaper to live in Honduras than the USA. It's really just a matter of expectation. In the USA, people expect to have cars, nice homes, clean water, health care and good educations for their children. Here, only the wealthiest 1% can really afford that. So, few people expect to have those things and you can live with less because none of the neighbors have anything to keep up with.

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