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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-05-02 16:54:49
Subject: Carlos (formerly Carlitos)

     Carlos, formerly known as Carlitos because of his young age, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the year we arrived and first took him to the doctor (2006). Up until last year, he was showing few other symptoms besides a crippled arm and leg. Then, he began blacking out. Paula noticed this really soon and realized he was actually having siezures. We have no neurologist in our area. Paula took Carlos to a family physician. The doctor told us that he was not having siezures and not to worry. The episodes kept getting worse.

      A neurologist came on a visit to Siguatepeque a few months later to do evaluations at the local hospital. Paula took Carlos to the neuro and told him of the symptoms. He examined Carlos and did confirm he was having siezures after a lengthy test. Further, he told Paula that the siezures would get worse as time went on. He said within six months he would lose his vision and he would pass away within two years. But, the neuro did prescribe medicine that would make the siezures less severe.

     The medicine seemed to help for awhile but then became less effective. Another problem is that the medicine is rarely available at the pharmacy. We've not been able to purchase it in over a month. Meanwhile, siezures became worse and more frequent. Feeling helpless about watching him suffer and decline, we did a little research.

     After reading a bit, we found a diet he can follow that supposedly eliminates the need for medicine and eventually resume a normal life without the diet. After two years on the diet, the body is supposed to change in metabolism such that it does not burn energy rapidly. Carbs burn much quicker than protien or fat. What happens in a siezure is that carbs are converted to electricity, which shocks the body from within. The diet is called "ketogenic". It is similar to Adkins in that you are trying to severely limit carbs from your diet. Unlike Adkins, however, the main energy source is supposed to be fat rather than protien.

      So, we make Carlos sausage, eggs and add sour cream (a typical Honduran condiment) for breakfast. He eats meat, salad, veggies with dip, peanuts, celery with peanut butter and whatever we can find that is high in fat/protien and low in carbs. Unfortunately high protien, low carb is not in the typical Honduran diet and we need to keep an eye on him. At Easter, we bought Carlos some alternative goodies to candy that he enjoyed BUT next day he got into Gerardo's candy and had a bad siezure after that.

     I am hopeful that this diet will work. His siezures seem to be getting less frequent and less severe. Time will tell. Please pray for Carlos.

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re: Carlos (formerly Carlitos)  by Lauren Rutter on Monday May 02, 2011

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